Audio and Video Intercom Systems

Based in Brooklyn, NY MegaMax Voice & Data Inc. have many years of experience in the security industry. 

Are you building a new home, renovating or adding an extension?
Then having an Intercom system installed throughout the home, can add value to your property and also provide comfort and security.

Whether its a basic Front door answering system, or a complete Integrated Intercom throughout your home, we can design a system to suit your needs.

Careful consideration needs to given to your home in the building stage, so that the appropriate cabling can be run before the walls are plastered.

Your Intercom system should be designed around your lifestyle. Some installations only require monitoring to the front door, such as small homes and units.

Other projects are much more comprehensive with stations in every room, monitoring of baby nursery and music piped throughout the home.

Video monitoring of the front door can also be combined with audio, you can even keep an eye on your children near the pool or backyard.

The system types available include:

- Front Door Audio Only
- Front Door Video Intercom
- Mini Intercom System
- Master Intercom System
- for Others please contact us.

 Expert Installation

The best security system in the world won’t help if it’s incorrectly installed. At MegaMax Voice & Data Inc., our installation experts are highly trained and certified, to ensure your MegaMax Voice & Data Inc. Security system is customized to your specific needs, and that it functions perfectly. We will also explain clearly how it all works and answer any questions you may have.

Contact MegaMax Voice & Data Inc. today to speak to a technician about the right INTERCOM system for you.

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